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Find out what's been added to the site recently and what may be coming in the not too distant future.

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March 2022

A new game High Rise Dominoes has been added.


August 2017

There is a new domino collecting page explaining how to check if your dominoes are ivory.

Two new games: Domino Cribbage and Straight Domioes.


March 2017

A new Card type game Divide & Conquer has been added.

There has been another update to the Domino Puzzles page.


January 2017

The Domino Puzzles page has been updated.

A new magic trick, Domino Tapping, has been included.


November 2016

There is a new solitaire game Five-Up Solitaire and a gambling domino game Auction Draw.

Another two new magic tricks have been included too: Domino Blind Reading and The Magic Incomplete Domino Game.


September 2016

A new game, High Fives, has been added.

Some new magic tricks: Magic Domino Hook and Mystic Upside-Down Game.

Some new Domino Puzzles have been added too.


August 2016

Two new games, Match & Drink, Latin Match Dominoes, have been added.

Some new Domino Puzzles have also been included.


April 2016

An interesting new card-type game, Canton, has been added.

Some new Domino Puzzles have also bee included.

And there is a new page on an alternative way to use dominoes, Domino Stacking.


March 2016

A good new card-type game, Euchre, has been added.

A new page featuring Domino Puzzles has been included.


November 2015

A new block-type game, Leyden, has been added as well as an interesting game,played with a Chinese domino set, Tail Joining.


October 2015

A new solitaire game, The Jubilee has been added as well as an interesting point game, Add-Em-Up Fifty.


February 2015

Some new game instructions have been added: Twist'em on the Card Domino Games page, and Merry Go Round on the Point Domino Games page.

A new domino types page on special Western domino sets with special extra tiles used as gimmicks on the standard game.


December 2014

Some new game instructions have been added: Three Dozen on the Card Domino Games page, and Five-Up on the Point Domino Games page.

There have been some other minor updates, including to the Glossary and Accessories pages.


21st October 2014

A new game section on Gambling Domino Games has been included.

Two new Card domino game instructions have been added, Seventy Nine and Loo, as well as a fun drinking game Draw & Drink.


18th August 2014

An interesting new Block and Draw game, Slosh, has been added as well as the Card-type game, Eighty.


July 2014

Two new Block and Draw games have been added: Super Dominoes and Fortress.


June 2014

Good Neighbours game instructions have been added to the solitaire games page, and Gallinazo to the Block games page


14th May 2014

A new Domino Accessories page has been included.

There have been some general updates including ones to the Glossary and Links pages, and new diagrams added to the "How To" game instructions pages.


24th March 2014

A new block-type game, Gaple and a point-type game Horse Race have been added.

Some new links have been added.


24th March 2012

A new card-type domino game, Eleven Point Black Tile has been added as well as a Korean domino game Ho Hpai on the Chinese domino games page.

Two new tricks have been included on the Magic Dominoes page, The Amazing Ends Prediction trick and The Astonishing Domino Math Trick.


5th July 2011

New card-type games, Moon, and Texas 88 have been included as well as the point-type domino game Seven Rocks.

Some new links and diagrams have been added.


2nd February 2011

A new magic trick The Astonishing Domino Count has been added.

New games have been included - Koi-Ye-Si, on the Chinese domino games page; and Stack 'Em Up.

Some more banners and links have been added, so try out the domino services on offer.


20th December 2010

Some new games have been included, Sedma, Build Up, and Austrian Dominoes.

A new domino game category, Domino Games Played with Large Sets, has been added.

There is a new magic trick, The Magic Guessing Ends Trick.


14th November 2010

A new solitaire game Big Clock has been added as well as Texas 42, and Collecting Dominoes.

An article on Chinese domino cards has been included.

A new game type has been added, Other Domino Games.


20th September 2010

Ends and Round the Clock have been added to the Block Games page.  A fun drinking game Halves & Doubles has been included too.

A new Domino Type has been included, CARDominoes.


July 2010

Some new games have been added: Mexican Train, Hungarian Dominoes, Italian Dominoes, and Fives.

A new article has been added on how to make a substitute Chinese domino set from Western dominoes.


May 1st 2010

Some new games have been added.  Solitaire Games Squeeze and The Sultan, Card-type Game Bingo, and Block Games Chickenfoot, Cyprus, and Double Draw.

Two new Domino Types have been included: Quad-Dominoes and Bendominoes.

A new game category, Children's Domino Games, has been added.


April 4th 2010

Three new games have been added: Sympathy on the Solitaire Games page, Freeze Out on the Card Domino Games page, and Cuban Dominoes on the Block Games page.

A new article on the History of the Term "Domino Effect".


March 2010

The domino-play website is launched with a rich content that will grow over time.


Coming in the future...

More Games - New games and categories.

Types of Dominoes - New domino set types from around the world.

Fortune Telling - More on fortune telling.


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