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Chinese Domino Games

Chinese domino games put a great new twist on playing dominoes.  Here you can learn a whole range of Chinese domino games, some of them dating back many centuries in history.

In Chinese domino games, the total number of spots on a tile is most important, where as in the majority of Western domino games the spotted suit value on either end is most important, so ends of Chinese dominoes don't have to be so easily identifiable as their Western counterparts. Chinese domino games are usually played more like card games, without connecting tiles in a sequential layout like most Western domino games.

The Woodpile

In Chinese domino games, hands of tiles are usually drawn or dealt from a "Woodpile" which is a row of stacked tiles piled on top of each other to a set height which differs depending on the specific game.

Dice and Order of Play

The dealer and order of play in a Chinese domino game is usually determined by throwing a number of dice that varies according to the specific game you're playing.  Chinese dice differ in appearance from Western dice but any ordinary standard six-sided dice will do.  (To learn more on dice in general visit where you'll find everything you could want to know about all types of dice.)  Order of play in Chinese domino games goes anticlockwise.

Game Play

Before you learn and play any of the Chinese domino games described here, it would be a good idea to read a description of the Chinese domino set,and learn how to identify Chinese domino tiles and suits, first.  If you want some tips on playing these games, then click on Chinese domino game strategy


The following games are solitaire Chinese domino games for one player.  For more solitaire domino games, click on Western Domino Solitaire Games.









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