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Cosmic Turtle

An Asian solitaire game for one player, played with a Chinese domino set, that involves no skill or judgement, just luck.


The dominoes are shuffled, then placed facedown in a "turtle" shaped layout, as illustrated below, with a five-x-four body, four diagonal legs, a head, and a tail.

The ten tiles set on the outer extremes of the layout are turned face-up (marked on the illustration with solid black centres).  The player then removes any pairs from the layout and turns the next adjacent tiles face-up (sequence of adjacent tiles indicated by the arrows on the illustration).  Play continues, removing matching pairs, until no matches can be made, or the entire layout has been eliminated and the game is won.

Matching pairs are made according to the traditional Chinese tile ranking system, and are listed below:

Six Pairs of Doubles

    1-1 & 1-1
    2-2 & 2-2
    3-3 & 3-3
    4-4 & 4-4
    5-5 & 5-5
    6-6 & 6-6

Five Pairs of Matching Singles (with two differing spotted ends, not doubles)

    1-3 & 1-3
    1-5 & 1-5
    1-6 & 1-6
    4-6 & 4-6
    5-6 & 5-6

Four Pairs of Matching Singles' Totals (same total number of spots on tiles, but with differing ends)

    2-3 & 1-4
    3-4 & 2-5
    3-5 & 2-6
    4-5 & 3-6

The Unique Supreme Pair

    1-2 & 2-4



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