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This gambling game is played by up to ten players using a Chinese domino set and stakes.  It is a commonly found game in Chinese gambling houses, where it is often played with a jar full of water nearby, where players are encouraged to drop coins for the House to take.


One player is designated banker. The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, and arranged in an irregular line, then each player draws a single tile that only they can look at.  Once players have looked at their tile they place a wager of their choice down on top of it.  The banker (known as Moul-tjyou) then places down equal amounts to cover the other players' bets and draws two tiles.  If the banker draws two identical pieces (a perfect pair) they automatically win and take all the stakes wagered.  If not, then each other player draws one or two tiles from the layout and all players turn their tiles face-up.  Players then form a total of the number of pips on their tiles minus any multiple of tens (16 pips makes a total of 6, 23 pips a total of 3).  Each player wins the stakes covered by the banker if they have a total higher than the banker's, otherwise the banker collects the player's stake originally put down.



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