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Magic/Psychic Dominoes

Although today dominoes are primarily used for social games, some believe their original use was for the mystic art of magic, divination and fortune telling.  Discover the mysterious and magical properties of dominoes.


Domino Fortune Telling

In China, dominoes have long been used for divination and prediction.  In the West it is said Romany Gypsies have practised fortune telling with dominoes from the 18th-century to this day.  Dominoes provide a convenient and relatively simple means of fortune telling.  In the same way that playing-cards and Tarot cards each have an intimately connected divinatory significance, so dominoes with their spotted values have a mystic meaning in divination and fortune telling.

Gypsies are said to still practice the ancient art of divination with dominoes. Dominoes made of bone or ivory are said to be particularly receptive while wood, or any natural material are next best, but don't worry if yours are plastic, they will suffice

Fortune telling with Chinese dominoes is an extremely ancient divination method and many of its secrets have been lost in time.  The Chinese solitaire domino game of Opening The Pagoda can be used for divination by having the subject ponder a question or issue they wish to know the future outcome of, and then having them play the game, with the game's resolution giving an insight into the query's final outcome.  Some Chinese people play the game in the morning with the outcome giving an omen for the day ahead.

The link below is for a basic method of fortune telling with Chinese dominoes that has a very old and ancient origin.


Domino Magic Tricks

After playing a few rounds of dominoes you may wish to impress your friends with a simple magic trick.

Before you try any of these tricks in front of a bar or living room audience, practice them and make sure you can complete them smoothly and with confidence. Remember, once you have performed a trick never reveal how you did it.  This will detract from your performance and your audience will no longer be impressed by your magical abilities.


Magic Domino Links

For a list of links to online magic domino information and resources try clicking on the link below.



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