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Advanced Gypsy Domino Fortune Telling

Gypsies are said to practise a very old system of advanced fortune telling and divination with a standard Double-Six domino set.  As with all divination methods, the person conducting the reading should use their own intuition and instinct to interpret a more specific meaning in the tiles, and only use the meanings described here as a general guide.  Be careful not to alarm your subject should the tiles foretell an unfortunate or bad outcome.  In situations like this, it is better to tone down the interpretation.

It helps if the interpreter has some knowledge of the subject's background and general situation to assist and guide their interpretation.  The interpreter should try to bear in mind the circumstances and problems of the subject and use these to guide the interpreted meaning of the dominoes.  Knowing a little about their relationships, financial situation, and health greatly influences the reading of the tiles and helps the interpreter "feel" out their instincts and intuition and focus them on more specific aspects of their fortune.

The person seeking a reading from the dominoes should shuffle them all facedown while silently asking a question in their mind that they seek guidance on, or just generally considering their possible future life outcome.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is a layout based on Tarot reading that can be adapted to fortune telling with dominoes.  The subject draws ten tiles from the shuffled boneyard, one at a time, and sets them in front of the interpreter.  The interpreter takes the tiles, in sequence, and arranges them as illustrated in the diagram below, being careful not to change their orientation. 

  • 1 The question or circumstances of the subject.
  • 2 What the subject is up against; foe, problems..
  • 3 The subject's immediate past.
  • 4 The subject's present or recent past.
  • 5 The subject's immediate future.
  • 6 The subject's objective, aim, or ambition.
  • 7 The subject's emotions, or personal feelings.
  • 8 Relates to the subject's outside influences.
  • 9 The subject's hopes, desires, and fears.
  • 10 The ultimate outcome for the subject.


Tile Interpretations

(Note that 0 represents the blank suit value)

The general interpretations of the individual suit values are as follows:

  • 0 = The subject who seeks an answer to a question or insight into their future
  • 1 = Journeys or travel
  • 2 = Relatives, loved ones and close friends
  • 3 = Romance
  • 4 = Wealth, material prosperity and finance
  • 5 = Work and career
  • 6 = Fortune and luck

Each tile should be positioned and read horizontally with the two suits on either end of a tile interpreted from left to right.

The general interpretations of the individual tiles are as follows:

    0 - 0 = Trouble or serious problems will strike unexpectedly.
    0 - 1 = Personal happiness and contentment is threatened by an enemy.
    0 - 2 = Financial difficulty and poverty.
    0 - 3 = Greed or love of money will cause great difficulty.
    0 - 4 = Financial difficulty imminent.
    0 - 5 = A union or marriage will turnout unhappily.
    0 - 6 = Great embarrassment or scandal looms.

    1 - 0 = A journey of great personal significance beckons.
    1 - 1
    = A reunion with someone you have not seen in years.
    1 - 2 = A visit from, or a journey with, an old friend.
    1 - 3 = A business trip will turnout successfully.
    1 - 4 = Debts loom, leading to trouble, or possibly a childless marriage.
    1 - 5 = A love affair or proposal will take you on an emotional journey, or you will just attend a social event leading you on a voyage of discovery.
    1 - 6 = Two marriages with the second being happier.

    2 - 0 = A loved one will have great impact on your life.
    2 - 1 = Someone close will give you good news.
    2 - 2
    = A personal wish will come true.
    2 - 3 = An outstanding debt will be honoured.
    2 - 4 = Loss of something personally or monetarily valuable due to theft.
    2 - 5 = Failure in an attempt at betterment in promotion, education, social standing, or public office.
    2 - 6 = Good fortune in career, business, or a personal financial deal.

    3 - 0 = Dramatic change in romance and love life.
    3 - 1 = Romance found either from someone visiting or on a trip or holiday.
    3 - 2 = A lover will arrive or leave but will be very close to your social circle.
    3 - 3 = Significant wealth or an item of great value will arrive.
    3 - 4 = A happy affair, marriage, or love union.
    3 - 5 = A visit by someone who may have significant influence on your life.
    3 - 6 = You will receive a gift signifying love.

    4 - 0 = Personal reward beckons.
    4 - 1 = Material or financial gain related to a trip or journey.
    4 - 2 = Wealth gained through a loved one or close friend, possibly an inheritance.
    4 - 3 = A prosperous union.
    4 - 4 = An invitation to a prosperous and happy event.
    4 - 5 = Good fortune awaits in the near future.
    4 - 6 = An early and fruitful marriage or union providing many children.

    5 - 0 = Significant change in a vocational direction.
    5 - 1 = A chance for passionate romance, possibly through work.
    5 - 2 = A change in job, position, or wage for either you, a relative or someone close.
    5 - 3 = A sign of an imminent strong influence on your career or work life from someone you love or a person intimately close. 
    5 - 4 = A pay rise or career move for the better.
    5 - 5 = A change of fortune, possibly a new home.
    5 - 6 = A change of employment or a good day with someone close.

    6 - 0 = Personal good or bad fortune may strike from close to home.
    6 - 1 = A journey, trip, or holiday, possibly leading to lasting emotional or personal happiness.
    6 - 2 = An endeavour by a relative or good friend will payoff and reflect well on yourself.
    6 - 3 = Luck in love, but it could be problematic and difficult.
    6 - 4 = Unexpected change in your prosperity, status, or general fortune.
    6 - 5 = Success at work, in career, vocation, or possibly education. 
    6 - 6 = A very happy and fortunate future.


Be warned that reading your own fortune or repeating the process more than three times in a week for a single individual, may bring bad luck and backfire on both the subject and the interpreter.  Superstition also holds that readings made on a Monday or Friday are unlucky.


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