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Mystic Domino Upside-Down Game

 In this trick, you baffle and amaze your audience as two players play an ordinary game of dominoes, but keep all the tiles played on the layout facedown so the players can't see what the other player has played. At the end of the game you ask one of your audience to turn the dominoes face-up, revealing all the tiles have been played correctly. You may want to dress the trick up by explaining to your audience that you are using some kind of mystic ESP.

To perform this trick the two players sit at a table opposite each other, with the toe of their right shoe on the toe of their opponent's left shoe. Now all they have to do is tap their toes  the corresponding number of times for the open end of each tile they play. For example, play could proceed as follows: The first player sets down the double-six and taps his opponent's foot six times. His opponent then knows he must play a tile bearing the 6-suit and plays a 4-6, so taps the first player's toe 4 times. The first player now knows that one end of the layout needs a 4 and the other playable end needs a 6, so maybe plays a 1-4 and taps the other player's foot accordingly. Play then continues as before until the game is completed. If a player plays a blank suit then they don't tap their opponent's toe at all.

It may be an idea to hang a long tablecloth over the table to conceal the foot tapping from your audience.

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