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Basic Chinese Domino Fortune Telling

The Chinese have practiced fortune telling and divination with dominoes from the 12th-century to this day.  Chinese labourers in the Wild West took the skills and knowledge of fortune telling with dominoes from their homeland to the Americas over two-hundred years ago and it is known to be practiced by mystics of Far Eastern origin in the USA currently.

Many of the original secrets of fortune telling with Chinese dominoes have been lost and corrupted through the course of history, but enough have survived to make predictive readings still possible.

The subject shuffles the entire domino set thoroughly and then sets all the tiles out in a long horizontal line.  Then all the tiles are turned face-up.  Then remove all adjacent matching pairs of tiles that match according to traditional Chinese cultural significance (the interpreter should execute this process).

  • "unlike" counts as 6
  • "ingeniously divided" counts as 4
  • "five spots" counts as 5
  • "divided reciprocally" counts as 3
  • "cavalry" counts as 3
  • "two, three,, six" counts as 3
  • "corresponding spots" counts as 3
  • "correctly satisfied" counts as 1

The results are noted, then the dominoes are shuffled again and the same process repeated, again noting the results.  This process is repeated for a last time so the interpreter has three sets of values to refer to. 


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