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The Magic Domino Blind Reading

In this trick you need a set of dominoes, a metal or lacquered tray, and a folded piece of cloth used as a blindfold.

Place your set of dominoes, facedown, on the tray, then carry it over to a member of your audience and ask them to shuffle the dominoes as much as they wish. Now you return to the front and place the tray down on a table. Now ask a volunteer to blindfold you with a folded piece of fabric. You then slowly select, pick up and then hold a domino tile to your forehead, facing out, feign mystic concentration, and baffle your audience by announcing the suit values on the two ends. Repeat this for the remaining tiles, slowly, feeling around for each tile, making it apparent that you can't see.

This trick is performed by having the right lighting, a shiny tray, and a clever deception. The lighting must be positioned either level or below and in front of your tray on the table. If this is done correctly you can see the dominoes in front and below you by looking down the sides of your nose, behind your blindfold. If the lighting is right, you will be able to clearly see the spotted suit values on the tile reflected back by the shiny tray. It is important to give the impression you cannot see by feeling around blindly when selecting the tiles from the tray. Remember to rehearse this trick in the right conditions, before you perform it, to be certain you can pull it off.

A number of variations to this trick can be performed by using a mirror. If you have a mirror in front of you but behind the audience, you can hold a domino tile up to your forehead, facing out, and see the suit values in the reflection as if by magic. Alternatively, fix a small mirror to a domino case's lid in front of you and read the suit values by looking down into it as you pick them up. Simply close the lid on the domino case once you have finished your trick.

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