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The Mystic Incomplete Domino Game

In this trick, you ask two volunteers to play a standard game of dominoes. However, no matter how hard they try they cannot complete the game and always have several domino tiles left unplayed. You then wave your hand over the playing area, speak some magic words ("abracadabra," for example), tell them the magic spell has been lifted, and then reshuffle the domino set and ask them to play again. This time the two players mysteriously find they can finish their hands and play the game to the end.

To perform this trick, you remove two tiles bearing four different suits (for example, the 3-5 and 1-6) before your subjects start playing. Now, when you wave your hand to distract them, say the magic words and lift the magic spell, you slip the two removed tiles back into the shuffled boneyard unnoticed, so the game can now be completed.

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