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The Magic Domino Hook And Its Uses

A number of tricks can be performed by modifying a single domino tile with a discrete hook. Simply get a standard wooden domino and drive a common pin into it and bend it at a right-angle (as shown below). The pin hook will be invisible and unnoticeable to your audience from several feet away.


One trick that could be performed with this prepared domino tile is as follows: Hold the domino tile up to your audience with one hand and show it to them with pin facing outward. You then wave your hand and arm side to side, and up and down in an ever increasing arc motion. Then as the arc increases to the point where your arm goes behind you, hook the tile to the back of your trousers and leave it there. Continue the side to side movement, then suddenly make a throwing motion towards the audience, and show that the domino tile has magically disappeared. 

There are many more sleight of hand tricks that can be performed using the domino hook, so see what else you can think of.

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