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Collecting Dominoes

There are a wide range of different dominoes to collect, from differently marked types of domino sets, to dominoes manufactured from different and unusual materials.  Here is some useful information and advice if you collect, or want to collect, dominoes.

If you're going to collect dominoes then you should know about the different types of domino sets around, and their manufacturing materials history  If you're buying old and used dominoes, it's a good idea to look at their condition.  As with any very old or antique object, condition will have a great effect on their value. Look for dents, nicks and scratches and whether the spots or markings have faded, and, of course, that all the tiles in a domino set are there.  Of course, you don't have to collect expensive vintage dominoes made from rare and exotic materials, you may just want to collect different types of dominoes to play different domino games with, or even possibly to use for domino toppling.

Domino sets made from ivory are one of the rarest and most eagerly sought after of all types of domino.  This is in great part due to the banning of the manufacture of ivory products in the 1980s under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) which was introduced due to the mass slaughter of Elephants that was threatening their extinction.  However, vintage ivory dominoes and products manufactured before 1989 can still be legally bought and sold.  Proving the date of manufacture is almost impossible, and as a result, buying and selling ivory dominoes may prove problematic and difficult without proper paperwork authenticating the date of production and the history of the particular dominoes in question.

The mid-19th-century plastic Bois Durci domino sets, and even individual tiles, are extremely rare and so too are considered very desirable collectors items by domino enthusiasts.   

Bakelite dominoes, which were manufactured from the early-to-mid-1950s, are quite collectable and aren't priced prohibitively so high that the average collector couldn't afford them.

If you're not interested in antique or vintage dominoes then maybe you'd like to collect different types of domino sets for playing different domino games to the usual standard Western Double-Six games.  This is a relatively inexpensive and interesting way to collect dominoes.  You can easily find and buy sets of Chinese dominoes, Western Double-Nines up to Double-Eighteen dominoes, and differently marked pictured-dominoes.  Use your own imagination and personal tastes to decide which dominoes to collect. 

If you want to buy dominoes online then try the links pages below which list a huge range of different domino retailers and manufacturers from all over the world, catering for all your domino needs.


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