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Checking If Dominoes Are Ivory

Dominoes have long been made of ivory from their early beginnings. If you want to check if your domino set is made of genuine ivory then you can find some tips here.

Many old and vintage dominoes were made of ivory, including in China and across Europe. The following tips will help you determine if they are authentic.

You'll need a very well lit area so use a bright light or even good sunlight in the area you choose to take a look at your dominoes.

Hold one of the tiles in the palm of your hand and feel the weight of it. If it is light and feels insubstantial then it isn't real ivory because ivory is a very dense and heavy substance.

Now feel the surface finish to establish the texture. It should feel smooth and creamy if it is genuine. The corners and edges should be gently rounded. If the corners are sharp and very angled then this would indicate they are manufactured from a manmade material

Use a magnifying class to take a close look at the tile and its sides to see if there is a fine grain. All different types of genuine ivory have a natural pattern similar to the pattern on a piece of cut wood.

Should you find that all the above checks are true and there is a fine grain on the surface, you can take it to a jeweller to get a confirmation of the specific type of ivory.

Remember, there are laws on the trade of ivory and some sets may be prohibited by legislation in your location.



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