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Dancing Dragons

A fairly modern Korean game, played with a Chinese domino set, for two to four players.  This game is unusual for an Asian game in that it uses dominoes like Western double-square dominoes with matching tile ends set down adjacently onto a layout.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, then a number of tiles are dealt to the players that differs depending on how many are playing.

  • Four players are dealt 8 tiles each.
  • Three players are dealt 10 tiles each.
  • Two players are dealt 16 tiles each.

The first player (decided arbitrarily or by dice throws) sets down into the centre of the playing area any one of the tiles in their hand they choose.  Players then in turn, going anticlockwise, either discard a tile from their hand, when they can't go, by placing it facedown in front of themselves, or they alternatively set a tile onto either of the open ends of the layout with same-number adjacent to same-number on either end of the tile, forming a sequential chain of dominoes known as the "Dragon".

Play continues until all players have either discarded or played all their dominoes.  Players then score the total number of pips on their discarded tiles set in front of themselves.  If a player has made no discards and set all their tiles onto the layout then other players who haven't, have their scores doubled.  The player with the lowest score at the end of play, wins the game.  The winner goes first in the next round or game.



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