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Kkro-ri Pout-tchi-ki

This Korean game is called "Tail Joining", when translated to English. It is played by either two, three or four players (although usually played by three or four players), with a Chinese domino set, and for stakes. If three are playing, the 6-6, 5-5, 4-4, and 3-3 are removed before play begins. 


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, and then each player draws eight tiles.

To start the game, someone asks who has the 2-5 tile (known as the "koan a"). The player who holds this tile, plays any tile of his choice from his hand, face-up, to the centre of the playing area, while calling out a number on either end of it. The next player in turn must play a tile onto the end called, with a matching tile bearing the same value on its adjacent end. If he can't play a matching tile, he must place a tile of his choice from his hand, facedown, in front of himself, on the playing area.

Play continues, with each player in turn either playing a matching tile or placing a discarded tile down in front of himself, until all the tiles have been played. Each player then totals the number of pip values on their discarded tiles, and the player with the highest total pays the winning player, with the lowest total, a pre-agreed wager amount. When played by four players, all players who total over 30, pay the winner the agreed wager amount.

Strategy is in discarding low value tiles and playing high value ones.



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