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Special Domino Supersets
A number of special domino supersets have been commercially manufactured, made up of a standard Western double-square set of dominoes with extra specially marked tiles included as a gimmick, allowing different variations to gameplay. You can learn about a whole range of these domino sets on this page. 


Super Train

The Super Train domino set is made up of a standard Double-Twelve domino set and an extra 21 special tiles which are made up of 14 "Wild" and 7 "Action" dominoes, marked differently to allow special plays. The game of Super Train is the same as the basic Mexican Train domino game but with extra rules incorporating the extra tiles which allow players to make a play when they can't follow suit. Manufactured by the US company Puremco, it is played by 2 to 8 players aged 6 and up. The suits on the standard tiles are marked as differently coloured numerals and not pips (or spots). The Action tiles are marked with letters: S, R, D, T and A, standing for the specific playing actions Skip, Reverse, Draw, Twice and Anywhere. The Wild tiles are marked with a numbered suit and an symbol outline of a steam train. The game package includes a score pad, 9 plastic glitter train-shaped markers, a central hub, and instructions for playing Super Train as well as two other standard domino games, Mexican Train and Chickenfoot.

Spinner: The Game of Wild Dominoes

The Spinner domino set was invented in 1983 by Dr. & Mrs. Edna F Graham of Abilene, Texas, and is manufactured by the US domino company Puremco. The set is made up of a standard spotted and colour-coded set of Double-Nine dominoes as well as an extra 11 wild Spinner dominoes, to make a total of 66 tiles in total. The Spinner dominoes are used to speed up play, with the game's rules based on a combination of other popular domino games, and is played by 2 to 8 players aged 6 and up. The game is packaged in a colourful collector's tin and includes rules and a score pad.

Pip Dominoes

The Pip domino set is made up of a standard spotted and colour-coded Double-Nine set and an additional 11 wild "pip" tiles and 4 directional tiles, to make a total of 70 dominoes altogether. There is also an additional starting centre-piece. The directional tiles have a wild "pip" end and a directional letter marked on the other end. The directional letters are: "S" (skip) which means the next player skips his turn, "R" (reverse) which means order of play is reversed, "A" (play-again) which means the player is allowed another turn, and '"D" (draw) which means the next player must draw another tile. The "pip" ends of the special tiles mean they are wild and can represent any suit value. The game is for 2 to 8 players aged 6 and over, and as from 2004 it has been manufactured by Puremco, although it was originally published by Intellitoy in 1991.








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