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Domino Puzzles

There have been a wide range of different domino puzzles devised to put your problem-solving logic skills to the test. If you want to have a go at working out some domino conundrums, then take a look here.

Domino puzzles are a little different to solitaire domino games although both are devised to be solved by a single player. Because dominoes represent a set of numbered values they lend themselves to being used for brain-teasers and puzzles. If you like to solve conundrums then below is a list of puzzles with dominoes that will put your mind to the test. They are divided into three different skill levels so you can choose which difficulty level is suited to your own personal ability. Why not start with the easy ones and then progress to the difficult puzzles as you develop.


Easy Domino Puzzles


Moderate Domino Puzzles


Difficult Domino Puzzles



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