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Young Children's Domino Games

Here is a list of domino games suitable for young children and family to play and enjoy.

Children's domino games are characterised by very simple gameplay that involves no or very little skill or judgement, just luck with very mechanical actions.  This evens out any advantage another child may have, producing a very even outcome. They are also educational, teaching kids basic math and recognition  skills, as well as important social skills and can be good fun, too. Playing educational games is as important for kids as keeping up with childrens dentistry guidelines.





Caveat: You may know or come across some of the games described on domino-play with slightly different rules or possibly with a different name.  Remember, there are no official rules for dominoes and variations on domino games are common.  Feel free to play the various rules you are comfortable with and use the game descriptions here as a rough guide and general resource.
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