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Freeze Out

A children's card-type domino game, played by two to eight players using a Double-Six domino set, that involves no skill, just mechanical game play.  It's based on a children's playing-card game called War.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, then each player draws a number of tiles, that they are NOT allowed to look at, which differs according to the number of players taking part. 

  • 2 players draw 14 tiles each.
  • 3 players draw 9 tiles each.
  • 4 players draw 7 tiles each.
  • 5 players draw 5 tiles each.
  • 6 players draw 4 tiles each.
  • 7 players draw 4 tiles each.
  • 8 players draw 3 tiles each.

Any remaining dominoes are set aside and not used in further play.

Players line up their tiles in a horizontal row of facedown tiles.  The lead player then turns face-up the end tile on the right-hand side of their row, and announces the suit values on it.  The other players then in turn, turn the last tile on the right-hand side of their row face-up with the last player to turn over a tile bearing one of the two initially announced suits taking the trick and adding the tiles played, facedown, to the left-hand side of their row of tiles.

For example, if the following tiles are played:

  • 3-5  First player announces the 3 and 5 suits.
  • 3-1  Second player is set to take the trick with his 3.
  • 2-4  Third player's tile doesn't affect the trick.
  • 4-5  Fourth player wins the trick with his 5.

Any player who loses all the tiles in their horizontal row is eliminated from the game and takes no further part.

The winner of a trick then leads in the next round which is played as before.

The last player left in the game with all the tiles, is the winner.


The lead player announces only one suit of their choice, with the last player to play a tile bearing that suit, taking the trick.



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