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A very simple card-type domino game that doesn't use hands of tiles and requires no strategy, just a good memory. Any number of players may play this game, including a single player version played as a solitaire game. Usually played with a Double-Six domino set, but larger sets may be used for more players or extended play. This game is suitable for both adults and children due to its simplicity.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, and are arranged in a grid-like layout (usually 4 rows of 7 tiles, when played with a Double-Six set), which can vary in shape and size depending on players' choice.

Players in turn, turn two dominoes of their choice, face-up.  If the total number of spots on both tiles totals 12 (for example, 5-3 and 3-1), the player removes them from play, sets them aside, and then takes another turn.  If the two tiles do not total 12, they are turned back over and play passes to the next player.  The player with the highest number of paired tiles once all the tiles are set aside, wins the game.

Concentration Layout Example: The 2-6 and 1-3 total 12 so can be removed.


A larger domino set can support a greater number of players or extend gameplay.  With Double-Nines, pairs should total 18; with a Double-Twelve set, pairs should total 24; with a Double-Fifteen set, pairs should total 30; with a Double-Eighteen set, pairs should total 36.

When played as a solitaire game, the player counts how many turns he takes to remove all the tiles from the layout, and it is this total which becomes his score and the player simply aims for their lowest personal best.




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