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Draw & Drink

A very simple drinking game to be played in a bar, cafe, or pub by four or more players with a Double-Six domino set and a supply of alcohol.  It is just an excuse to get drunk, but can be fun. Remember to drink responsibly and don't end up in hospital.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, in a random boneyard.  Players then in turn draw a tile from the boneyard and turn it face-up.  Any player who draws a tile that together with the previous player's tile totals 12, must drink a half measure of beer. Should a player draw a double that totals 12 with the previous player's drawn tile, then they must drink a double measure of spirits. Players must wait and don't draw any more tiles until any player who must drink has finished.

Play continues until all the dominoes have been drawn and turned face-up. Players can play a number of rounds but must be careful not to get dangerously intoxicated.

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