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High Rise Dominoes

A good game played with a reduced Double-Six domino set by two to six players. The 0-0, 0-1, 5-6 and 6-6 are removed.


The dominoes are arranged in a rectangle of six rows of four facedown domino tiles.

The first player takes four tiles from the nearest row and turns them face-up to create the bases for four stacks of tiles. The player then totals the two ends of each tile and if the total of one tile only differs by one from another tile's total then the lowest tile is collected for the player. If two tiles have an equal total then either one is collected by the player. The player continues in the same way until no more tiles can be won. The next player in turn then takes the next four facedown domino tiles and places them on top of the face-up tiles or filling any empty spaces. Tiles are drawn and placed without changing order. The player then collects tiles in the same way but with any face-up tiles underneath any tiles collected coming into play.

Once all the tiles have been stacked or collected, the player who has collected the most tiles is declared the winner.



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