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Big Clock

A solitaire game for one player, played with a Double-Twelve domino set, although there is a variation that can be played with a Double-Six domino set and another played with a Double-Nine set.


The double-blank is removed from the deck, then the remaining tiles are shuffled, facedown.  The player then draws12 tiles which they place in a circular shape with each tile positioned as the number on a clock-face with the first at the top representing 12:00 and the next representing 1:00, then  2:00, and so on.  The double-blank is then placed inside the circle pointing to 12:00.  The remaining tiles form the deck or boneyard and are drawn during the course of play.

Once the initial layout has been placed, the player draws one tile at a time from the boneyard and tries to place it on top of another tile in the layout with at least one end the same as one matching end of the tile drawn.  The object of the game is to have all the doubles on top in sequence from one-o-clock (double one) to twelve-o-clock.

Any tile drawn that can't be placed on the layout is set aside and not used in further play. 

If a double is drawn that can't be placed on the layout, or a double is in the wrong clock position (known as a "double in trouble"), then you may move any tile from the top of anywhere on the layout to any other top tile in the layout that has one matching end.  The player may do this as many times as he wishes, even leaving an empty space in the layout.  Any empty space is immediately filled with a new tile (preferably the correct double).

Should a player draw a double that can't be placed anywhere on the layout, even by moving the top tiles, the game is lost.  Once all the doubles are in their correct clock positions, the game is won.


When played with a Double-Nine domino set, the layout becomes an incomplete circle starting with 1 and ending on 9.

When played with a Double-Six domino set, the layout becomes a half circle or just a straight line of tiles, if you prefer.



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