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Build Up Dominoes

An unusual domino game that doesn't fit into the normal main types of domino games.  It is played by two or more players, each using a Double-Six domino set.  The domino sets should be of different colours for identification, and shouldn't have spinners in their centres because tiles are stacked on top of each other in this game.  The game was developed by David Vander Ark.


Each player shuffles, facedown, their own set of dominoes, and then draws 6 tiles.  Player's remaining dominoes are set aside, separate from each other, to form boneyards.  Players set face-up the six drawn tiles in front of themselves in a line of horizontally set tiles that shouldn't be touching each other.

Each player draws a tile from their boneyard and the player drawing the tile with the highest number of pips goes first in the first round.

Each player then draws 5 tiles each from their boneyard, so they have a hand  of six tiles.

Players in turn place tiles on top of any face-up tile in the layout, forming stacks, following the rules subsequently described here:

  • Non-doubles can be placed on any face-up tile that has the same total of pips as the tile being covered.
  • Any double may be placed on any non-double face-up tile, even if the covered tile has a higher pip total.
  • Doubles may be placed on any other double as long as the tile being placed has a higher pip total.
  • Any tile may cover any double as long as it has a higher pip total.

A player who cannot play a tile, must pass on their turn.

Once a player has dominoed by setting their last tile, or the game is blocked with no player able to set a tile, the round is over and players' points are scored by totalling all their face-up tiles on top of their layout's stacks

Two more rounds are played, as before, with players drawing another six tiles , then four tiles.  The player with highest number of points after the three rounds, wins the game.

Players should try and cover other players tiles.  Players may also choose to play a low-numbered double to allow themselves to play a higher tile later.



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