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Double-Six Dominoes

earn everything you need to know about the most popular and common of all domino sets commercially available, the standard Double-Sixes.

The most common set of dominoes found in the world today is the Double-Six domino set.  There are 28 individual tiles in a set, and each tile is twice as long as it is wide (known as "double-squares").  They allow most of the traditional games to be played, are relatively easy to manage, and use less playing space than the other larger domino sets. 

Each end of a Double-Six domino tile, divided by a central line (or bar, divider, or centre), is marked with one of seven suits denominated as a number of spots (or pips) ranging from 0 (or blank) up to 6. Each of the seven suits has seven members with their spotted suit value marked on one end (or both ends for doubles) of the seven tiles that make up a suit.  The total number of spots found on a Double-Six domino set is 168.

There is a lot more to Double-Six dominoes that hasn't been covered here.  To learn more about their general features, like spinners, different sizes, the spots, etc., summarising all the key facts and relevant information common to all standard Western double-square dominoes, try clicking on the link below...

Double-Square dominoes aren't always conventionally marked with spots (or pips). There are many sets of dominoes manufactured that are marked with numbered numerals to denominate the different suits on either end. For more details on these dominoes, try clicking on the link below...







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