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Dominoes Without Spots

Learn about some different and novelty domino sets commercially available with markings other than the usual round spotted suit values.

There are some Western domino sets marked without the usual spots (or pips).  These domino tiles will still be double-squares with a length twice as long as they are wide like standard Western spotted dominoes, but will have different markings on the tiles.

For example, there are some domino sets marked with numbered numerals instead of spots.  This apparently makes it easier to match different suits.  The numerals are often coloured differently to make matching suits even more simple and obvious.  Numerals instead of spots are more common with the larger domino sets, like Double-Nines, Double-Twelves, Double-Fifteens, and Double-Eighteens. These dominoes can be used in exactly the same way as the standard Western spotted dominoes and allow the full range of domino games to be played.


Some other domino sets are marked with pictures of things like different animals, cartoon characters, flowers, or other pop images, instead of spots or numbers. These domino-sets are manufactured and marketed for young children who may find it easier to match the different pictured suits.  However, these domino sets prevent the playing of some domino games requiring numbered suits for scoring.  They are often made from thick paper-card but not always.


Sometimes dominoes are manufactured with the usual circular spots (pips) replaced by a differently shaped mark, like the Disney dominoes pictured below, marked with the Mickey Mouse silhouette symbol. The differently shaped marks are conventionally arranged in the same way as standard dominoes' pips.








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