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Advanced Domino Toppling

If you're confident about your domino-toppling ability then here are some useful ideas, tips and advice for the advanced practitioner.

If you've learnt and practised the basic and intermediate levels of domino-toppling then you're ready to use your own imagination and skill for some really advanced techniques.  See what you can come up with and think about ingenious ways to topple dominoes with your own homemade props and devices.  You'll find some interesting ideas listed below.


Painting Dominoes

A great way to make a toppling domino display more colourful and engaging is to paint the domino tiles different colours and then use them to create designs or pictures such as national flags, commercial logos, or just vivid patterns.  A few aerosol cans of spray-paint is the best way to do this.  Just lay your tiles face down on some newspaper and spray them. Alternatively, you can buy readymade differently coloured dominoes.

Bursting Balloons

A great way to end a domino-toppling display, or even terminate an individual line or sequence, is to have a balloon burst with a bang.  Glue or fix a thin stick or strip to your end domino and push a sharp pin or tack through the top end.  This will then fall onto the balloon which you can simply fix to the base surface with a piece of tape.  A couple of tips for this effect are to make sure your pin is very sharp and that your balloon is blown up to near bursting point to ensure it pops.  You'll find that using this effect as a finale, and not midway through your display, prevents the bursting balloon from toppling other sections and tiles in your display by flying balloon fragments or the force of air released.

Devices, Props and More

You can build spiralled ramps, mechanical lifts and pulleys, tiered levels of straight-lines and other domino formations, and use gimmicks like mousetraps in your displays.  The only limit to your domino-toppling designs is your imagination, so why not take the skills you've learnt already and elaborate on them with some truly ingenious tricks and effects.


To recap the domino-toppling skills to learn before attempting the advanced stuff try Basic Domino Toppling and Intermediate Domino Toppling

There are many other ingenious tricks and methods for creating domino toppling effects. For instructions and to see videos of some of these, try the link below.
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