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Intermediate Domino Toppling

Once you know the basics of domino toppling you can move on to some useful instructional tips and advice for the intermediate level.

Remember, you should combine the moves you've already learnt with the new ones here, to create evermore complex and interesting effects.


A ramp is a narrow piece of wood or strip of rigid, flat material raised at a slight angle that allows dominoes to topple in an upward direction.  They can break up the monotony of flat domino toppling designs and allow two separate lines to cross over one and other.  Just set your narrow ramp at an angle and set-up your tiles as you would normally do for a straight line.  If your ramp is set at an angle of greater than 10 degrees you'll find that the dominoes will topple before you're ready  Remember, a slight angle of incline and all the tiles squarely and evenly spaced and make sure your ramp is stable and solid without any risk of shaking or vibrating. 

Once you've got the hang of setting-up a single ramp you can set-up two ramps that criss-cross at right angles to each other or split into a V-shape.

For two split ramps, just set-up a split-off that leads onto your two ramps set at an angle to each other.  You could have two extremely long ramps with their toppling dominoes racing each other to the end.

Two ramps can be used to allow your domino-toppling display to criss-cross at right angles.  Simply have one ramp run under another like in the illustration below.  This technique allows much more complex toppling designs to be created.


A spiral or multiple-spiral pattern of toppling dominoes can produce a mesmerizing effect for the spectator.  Because the spiral falls in an inward direction that ends on the final inside tile, you will need a split-off in your design to start the spiral toppling and letting the rest of your design continue on its own.  Set up your tiles starting from the inside working your way outward as you go



Now learn about Advanced Domino Toppling.








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