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Domino Toppling Links

Here is a list of links that all have a connection with the pursuit of domino-toppling.


Domino Toppling World Records - World records for domino toppling, since they were first recognised in 1974.

Weijers Domino Productions The World Record making team of domino-topplers who organise the famous Domino Day toppling event in Holland.

Domino Dash - A Windows shareware game revolving around domino-toppling.

Domino Toppling Hobby - A domino toppling article from Mike Perrucci with tips and pictures.

How To Make a Domino Effect - Free instructions for a domino effect.

World Record Video  YouTube videos of the World Record. 

Domino Dash A domino toppling computer game to download. 

Domino FX Toppling for fund raising and more info. 

Domino Tim Record toppling site.   

Maria Lamping Domino retailer for toppling. Sells different coloured blank dominoes specifically for domino-toppling.

Domino Toppling Francais French domino toppling website. 

Tim Ford's Domino Toppling  A toppling enthusiast who has appeared on America's Got Talent.

Marbles The Brainstore A domino toppling set called Colorfall available from the Marbles Brainstore online retailer. 

Travis's Domino Toppling A personal domino toppling page from Santa Fe.

100 Domino Toppling Tricks Youtube video showing loads of toppling tricks you can try yourself.


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