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Dominoes have always been played for stakes since their invention centuries ago.

Very few games are capable of evoking as much emotional passion as dominoes. If you’ve ever played a lively game of dominoes you probably already know how much different the atmosphere is around the dominoes table compared to any other game. When you throw real money in the mix, it only makes it that much more exciting (or dangerous, depending on who you’re playing with).

Many Point and Block & Draw domino games are played to a fixed number of points (say 100, 150, 200 or 250) and if you want to play for stakes, then players can simply put a fixed wager amount into a pot (or pool) at the start of a game, with the overall winner of the game collecting it once he has reached the target total.

An alternative method is for the winner of a game collecting a fixed cash amount per point for the difference between their point total and all the losing players' point totals at the end of a game. When gambling using this method, it might be a good idea to play for small denominations of cash per point (pennies or cents, for example).

Domino tournaments are held in which players gather and play face to face in live games. These tournaments can offer cash prizes of considerable value to the winning players. They are more common in North and South America and Caribbean where dominoes are a played to a much greater extent than other parts of the world. These events attract serious and professional domino players.

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