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These Are the Best Bets to Make at the Craps Table

The game of craps is an icon of American culture, one that has been documented in countless films, books and TV shows over the decades, and continues to be one of the most popular games in the country. Although the game's origins are European, with some history buffs reckoning that the game dates all the way back to the Crusades of the 13th century, it was the American Heartland where craps was truly invented.

It first became popular in the backstreet gambling dens of 19th century New Orleans, quickly spreading out west as the California Gold Rush inspired a generation of Americans to chase unimaginable fortunes. During World War II, he was immensely popular in soldier's barracks, with makeshift craps tables often being drawn in the sand or soil beneath them. It is this popularity that made craps the dominant game in the casinos of Las Vegas, where it remains so to this day.

The rules of craps have barely changed in the last two centuries; dealers still use the "Pass or Don't Pass" layout invented by a Philadelphia dice maker back in 1907 to ensure fair play, and players are still strongly encouraged to stand rather than sit while playing.

One thing that has changed is how people bet. A better understanding of the "house edge" has allowed people to make more informed decisions before rolling the dice, moving away from bets that were traditionally thought of as "safe" once the real odds are clear.

If you want to boost your chances of taking home a jackpot, read on to find out the best bets to make as the craps table.

Source: Pixabay

Place Bets 

Any experienced craps player knows the importance of having a craps strategy. A mainstay of such strategies are "place bets", which are often ignored by inexperienced players as they don't tend to realize how the odds are more in their favor at first glance.

The model is simple; you simply bet that a certain number (or a pair of numbers) will be rolled before a seven is rolled. So the only numbers that have any bearing on your bet are the number you have chosen and the number seven. An understanding of the house edge is critical if you want to boost your odds of winning here.

You'll want to wager on either a six or an eight, as the house edge here is a staggeringly low 1.52%. There are few casino games in existence with odds as good as these. If you opt for other numbers, such as fives, nines, or elevens, then the house edge shoots up to around 2.5%-3%, which is considerably less favorable for you. 

Odds Bets

The "odds bet" is one that is so popular among seasoned craps players that pretty much every single one of them will have their own story about playing it and winning (or losing). The reason this bet has such exalted status is that it's the only one where the house edge is literally 0%, meaning that in theory, the player has the exact same odds of winning as the casino. 

It's arguably a little complicated for first-timers. The bet is tied to your original, "flat bet" (pass/don't pass etc.) and you still pay an edge on that original bet. It's the gambling equivalent of digging yourself into a defense position on the battlefield - you're essentially just doubling down on a bet you've already made. 

The amount you can actually wager on an odds bet varies hugely depending on which casino you're in. Some places only allow you to match the initial pass/don't pass line bet, while others allow you to bet up to five times as much. Higher multiples obviously mean higher potential returns and with a house edge like this, it's clear why people tend to go big or home.

Source: Pixabay

Lay Bets 

Think of a lay bet as the reverse version or evil twin of the place bet. The player bets on a seven being rolled before another number or set of numbers. Your options might be a little more limited here, as generally, players can only lay the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If you choose to lay against either the four or the ten (which tend to have the best odds in this case), then the house edge hovers around 2.44%, a pretty admirable number. 

Just be warned; the reason this bet is known as a kind of "evil twin" is that you're likely to be betting against all of the other players at the table. The fact that you're hoping for a seven to end the game and put them out of action will definitely not make you the most popular guy at the table, but you probably didn't go there to make friends anyway. 


Craps is one of the most complex casino games out there, but once you have a mastery of the bets and the edges, your chances of striking it rich will increase. 






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