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How To Effectively Market Your Game

One of the easiest ways to make money on the internet is to develop a game. Okay, this may not necessarily be easy as you will need programming knowledge or at least be able to pay one who gets to do it. Whatever the case may be, if you can create a game which the world finds amazing, you are in for some big boney in a very short time. Whether you are looking at action adventure games or even online casino games, keep in mind that you will make a ton of money if things go well.

Here is why. Millions of people play one sort of game or the other with their phones almost every day of their lives. A casual glance at Googleís Playstore will reveal hundreds and thousands of games which developers have uploaded since as far back as Playstore became a thing. The most popular games such as Candy Crush, Zombie Highway and their kind have seen the makers bank millions of dollars one way or the other. You can become a game owner and millionaire too. And if not a millionaire, you could potentially rake in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars from just one online game.

There is another interesting factor that could make you choose to create an online game. It is the sheer fact that it could go viral. All digital content have the ability to go viral if lines fall in pleasant places. A well-written blog article, an information-studded YouTube video, a high quality podcast or a utility application, all have the tendency to go viral at any point in time. Needless to say, any product that goes viral in todayís world will make its creators a truckload of money.

What Next?

If you have decided to create a game, you need to learn the basics and nitty-gritty of how to market them. Every day, dozens of games get uploaded to the internet but most of them do not ever enjoy the privilege of having up to 1,000 downloads let alone turn the makers into millionaires. But let us assume you have done your research and discovered ideas that will help you create a good game. The next step will be to get the game developed.

On developing a game, the best person to develop your game is you. But this is probably only going to happen if you have decent programming skills. If you do not know how tocode or just donít have the time to code the game by yourself, the next thing you can do will be to hire someone else to do the game development for you. Now this is where it gets interesting.

With the proliferation of freelancing on the internet, you can be sure that it is easier than ever before to find a freelancer online. You canuse websites like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour and their likes to hire remote talent for virtually all forms of work. However, finding the right freelancer for your project may not be the easiest thing anyone can do. Youwill ideally want a freelancer who has previous experience in your industry of interest.

Finding the right freelancer for your project is the beginning of an effective marketing campaign. I will explain this in the next few paragraphs. On choosing the right freelancer, try to read previous reviews about their services as written by clients who had hired them before. Also explain as vividly as possible (during interview of course) what you want. If you are satisfied that a freelancer perfectly understands what you want to achieve with your new game, and can actually do it, you are good to go.


Marketing Your Game Efficiently

On game marketing, we are going to look at the classic 3Pís of marketing. By that I am talking about the following:

-          Product

-          Price

-          Place

Basically, you would want to know what product to make for your audience as well as the price that  most users will easily and conveniently pay for the games. Then, the best platforms to host that type of game. Now letís take a look at how the following three factors affect or can help your market your game. The first thing we look at is the product.


In this case, we assume you already have a product Ė a game. But that is not the point. The point is this: is your game the right game for the moment? Ideally you should create a type of game that is currently in vogue and gets a lot of traction. If itís casino games that are sweeping your region in popularity, it makes total sense to create one in that category.

So here you have it. Not only does the game have to be great, it has to be the kind of game people are looking for. The platform on which the game can be accessed is also important as that will determine the kind of people that will have access to it. Also, genre of game matters: simple Tetris kind of games to the more sophisticated casinos which gamers can even play for money. See Smartcasinoguide for more.   Ideally, a game should be available in as many platforms as possible: android, iPhone, Mac, Windows etc. Mobile platforms are by far the most important ones as that has the widest usage.


You will have to answer the question of whether your game is going to be free for all or if there will be need to pay a certain amount upfront before it can be downloaded. For new games, it is recommended that the makers make it free for all. This marketing strategy is way more efficient in the event that the makers of the game are newbies in the game creation sphere. Veteran players in the industries such as Softonic, FIFA and PES can afford to place hefty price tags on their products and still enjoy massive patronage from gamers.

This s because they have built big, marketable brands over the years and can easily make a killing with their products both new and old. For newcomers in the industry, a decent marketing plan will include putting the games out there for free and offer in-game paid upgrades. Users who enjoy the gameís basic package will happily pay for upgrades. No matter the quality of a given game, it is a lot better to keep the price affordable as games arenít basic human needs, but luxury thing.


Games are virtual products which can be hosted online and/or on electronic devices. As I had earlier hinted, the game makers will have to determine what platform they want the game to run on. Then they can chose any platform from Windows and Mac OS to android Apple. The most important factor will be to choose a platform:

-          Where users will likely get the best experience playing the game

-          Where their target demography is likely going to be

-          Where they are familiar with

Still on the place factor, the makers need to be clear about whether the game will be played online or downloaded to devices. Needless to say, this is determined way before the development of the game begins. For internet based games, the makers need to take the cost of internet access into consideration especially as it concerns their demography of choice. In India, for instance, cost of internet access is way cheaper than in most countries in the sub-Saharan Africa. Internet based games will likely do better if they target Indians instead of sub-Saharan Africans; for the reason already hinted above.


In another article, we can talk about how to use social media, advertising and influencers too market a game. But what this article focused on is the three Pís of marketing and how they affect the performance of any game that is released into the market. For a new game to stand the chance of making any worthy impact in the market, it has to have a perfect alignment in terms of price and place. The game must be what the market needs (ideally a very high demand), at reasonable price and on the right market. Failure to marry these three factors could lead to frustrations in marketing oneís new game but nailing them will increase the chances of dominating the app stores.










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