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Dogs on the Track: Greyhound Racing 101


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Some breeds of dogs are meant for the hunt. They run and chase their respective prey in the wild for survival. Dogs are also very intelligent living beings who live for their own and their pack of other pups.  With these characteristics and senses, it is easy to adore such incredible creatures, which is why some choose to have domesticated dogs as pets.


Dog breeds like the Greyhound are said to be one of the most obedient hunting dogs to have walked on the face of the earth. With their long, sturdy physique and character, they were named the hunting dogs among hunting dogs. This made them appropriate to enter the racing league. Thus, greyhound racing made a name for itself in the field of track and race.

All About Greyhound Racing

Greyhound track racing is a sport by both canine and owner that has been in the works for over one hundred years. With training, greyhounds are set to compete against other dogs of their kind in an oval dog track, following a mechanical rabbit around the track. The victorious dog is the one who completes the track the fastest without being given any penalty.

This sport, like any other, has many fans who come over to witness the beautiful dogs show their strength in racing. To know more about this, contact topsport Australian site and experience the thrill and excitement over the admirous dog sport.

What is it about?

Like any other racing competition, it has a financial aspect to it. Betting for their winning dog is a big part of the game. People, owners and avid fans wager amounts of money to show their support for the canine they believe in the most. This is regulated by the state officials to carefully watch over the scheme of the games and keep it within the legalized standards.

 Greyhound racing is about showcasing the traits of the breed. To show the relationship of owner and dog, amid the track field; how they were trained and fully demonstrate their hard work.


In the states, specifically in California, early 1919 is when and where this sport originated. This is where the first oval track was built to be enjoyed by the familiar audience and competitors. It was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1926, where it was more popular and competitive among the new crowd.

Today, this sport is still prevalent in several states and has reached the depths of the internet. They have also built legal lottery booths in the dog track stadium for accessible and safe betting games. Websites on this have also risen due to the sport's popularity and casino-like game.


Live greyhound race dates usually depend on the availability of the players. This also applies to betting websites. One racing competition usually lasts less than 3 minutes for a round. It is usually held during the nighttime under the bright lights of the stadium to showcase the beauty of the players clearly, as well as for the convenience of the audience and owners.

Greyhounds are advised to join racing competitions once every week, at most. This is because health and welfare always must come first. A healthy dog will have an advantageous edge among others, which is why there is a suggested frequency and duration for dog races.


It is suggested that puppies under six months are not eligible to join these racing competitions, especially for this specific event, where greyhound racing is stricter and competitive among other smaller-scale competitions.

There are no distinct physical requirements for greyhounds to join competitions. It just needs to show maturity, as young pups are not allowed to compete due to their age and characteristics. The weight of greyhounds differs depending on their gender. Females weigh lighter than males, with a maximum weight of 15 pounds.

The retirement of greyhounds in their racing career ends when they reach a certain age. In the ages of four to six years, when it is physically challenging for them to continue the races, greyhounds are bound for their retirement.


Dog races are held in a state stadium oval. These laps usually are 400 meters and made with sand and loam. There are 17 state dog race tracks in the United States and 19 state dog race tracks in the United Kingdom today. These state-made tracks regulate the scheme of the races to keep track of the sports organization and audience.


To qualify for the greyhound dog races, proper documents of the canines and training are checked. Vaccination cards and physical conditions are strictly examined before the racing period. For the welfare of the animals involved, veterinary clinics are partnered with the official sport directors to give check-ups and emergency procedures whenever needed.

Final Thoughts

Many people and dogs have enjoyed greyhound track racing for over a hundred years. These dogs genuinely show their innate hunting instincts in these races and showcase their skills and training. These dog races started for the thrill of racing and cheering for the breed and strengthening the bond of Greyhound and trainer.







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