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Free spins are an opportunity to play on a casino slot game for free, without using any of our own m oney.

So a free spin costs us nothing, but we have a chance to win money from that spin, which is ours to keep.Usually we must wager a certain amount of our own money, to then receive the free spins. Slot machines have been around a long time.

For instance:

“Wager £10 on the slot Halloween Fortune Get 10 Free Spins to use on the same game”

Once we have decided that this offer is worth doing, we would open the slot Halloween Fortune.

We would set the spin size to 20p (the smallest spin value). Then we can use autoplay to do 50 spins, to wager £10.

We then receive 10 free spins, in this case worth 20p each. We play these and hopefully turn them into some nice profit.

Try free spins no deposit here.

But Why Would I Stake £10 For £2 Of Free Spins?

A question we often hear is why is it worthwhile to wager £10 of our own money to get just £2 worth of free spins.

Remember that slots have an RTP, or Return to Player. This is the average amount of money that the slot will pay back to the player (discussed here).

We can use this to determine whether an offer is worth doing.

Slot RTP is usually over 95%, which means that wagering £10 would cost us, at most, 50p on average ((£10*0.95)-10).

So for the above offer, we are losing 50p on average to get £2 worth of free spins.

This means the offer will be profitable on average.




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