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Best Strategies To Play Domino Games


Multiple sets of domino games are played all over the world. A huge number of other games can be played along with them. Block Game and Draw Game are the two most popular games played with them in the west. Here are some things to consider for the standard domino set that has 28 tiles. Both these games can be played with tile sets of double nine and double twelve.

Dominos are quite popular among the elderly along with games like ping pong, Pai Gow Tiles as well as poker. So, expect some serious competition as you choose Dominos. You will come across Domino veterans with years of experience and multiple strategies up their sleeves.

Considering all this, learning all about the game is a necessity for newbies before they can even think about winning. A good way to start is by playing Pai Gow Tiles which is available at the best online casinos in the south Asia region. This game is pretty much similar to Dominos and can be a good start for beginners. Find a safe and reliable casino offering this game and you are good to go. While playing games like Pai Gow Tiles in these online casinos you can improve your skills. You go face-to-face against professionals and compete in different casino games including Pai Gow Tiles.

All of this is also applicable to domino games which are mostly played by four players with a set of two partners competing against each other. To know about domino rules and strategies in detail, read below.


The Block Game

The dominoes are properly shuffled facing down in circles. Each player has to draw 6 dominoes and hide them in a way the other players don't see their value. The first one to play the game is the one with a double six. The sequence follows with a double five, double four, and so on. The tile that is played is double the tile count allowed by the player taking the first turn. If none of the players in the game has a double count, the tiles are reshuffled, and the game is restarted.

The game stops when a player chips out. Some game versions require both players to have the last domino. At a point when no player can proceed anymore, the ones with the least count of dominoes are declared the winner. In a game where no players chip out, the ones with the difference between the winners' and the losers' total spots will be the winners of the games.


Variations in the game

These games can be played in the same way, with two players starting with 8 tiles, three players starting with 6 tiles, five players starting with 5 tiles, or four players without any partnership.


The Draw Game

The Draw Game is widely popular across the world and is a known variant of the Block Game. Initially, in the game, the players take fewer dominoes, but the one who cannot position a domino should pick up a sleeping domino to add to the set. When players run out of sleeping dominoes, they simply pass their turn. In this variation, the game would go like this: two players with 7 dominoes, three players with 5 dominoes, four with 4 tiles, and five players with 3 respective tiles.


The difference between the Block Game and the Draw Game is that the players are aware that the tiles will end up in the game in the latter. This creates a situation where they can deduce which tiles other players are having. In the Block Game, a few tiles remain sleeping and are unknown throughout the game. This creates a large space for uncertainty.


Cross Dominoes

Cross Dominoes is an extension of the Draw Game. The Cross Dominoes is a variation giving more options to the players and taking up less table space in the game. The gameplay is exactly the same as the Draw Game except at the start of the game.

When the first doublet is played, the sequence flows with four tiles, played against the doublet to form a cross. For the first doublet itself, the dominoes are played adjacent to the four sides of the tile. Before this is accomplished, it might be possible that the players have to take sleeping tiles. But as soon as the game is complete, i.e. the cross is made, the game continues just like the Draw Game.


Double Nine Cross Dominoes

This variation is appropriate for double nine sets. The game starts with two or three players having seven tiles each. Four or more players can accordingly start with five tiles each. The game starts like Cross dominoes, where the second to the fifth tiles are played, forming a cross surrounding the initial doublet. From here, the game continues according to the Draw game. However, when a doublet is laid, two new chains take the start. This makes the total number of chains larger than the previous games.























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