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Three tips for winning big at Craps.


Craps, as we all know, is a very tough game. Within the gamut of casino games it is one of the toughest because it combines luck and skill in a way that few other games do. It is truly exhilarating to let those dice roll out onto the table unsure of what is going to come next and it's easy to get excited about the possibility of getting a huge one over on the house and collecting a big chunk of prize money.

There are so many different aspects to manage and so many balls to juggle when betting on and playing craps that it can be hard to keep track of everything making it very important to plan ahead and consider what you are going to before you even arrive at the table. Craps is one of those games like Dominoes where having a strategy can seem pointless but it is so important. Having played a great deal there are three particular tips which have always stuck with me. Of course a fully developed craps strategy requires more than just three tips so make sure to check out the linked guide to help you develop yours. It might take work but reading around the game and improving your planning will absolutely get results. These three tips are just a starting point but they are also very important rules of thumb to keep to hand.



Consider using the odds bet:

One of the things that makes craps such an enticing game to play is that there are some areas where the house doesnít have much of an advantage and even some where it doesnít have an advantage at all. This contrasts very favourably with other games where the house has a much higher chance of cleaning you out according to Business Insider. One of the ways to reduce the house advantage in craps is to try and use the odds bet which you can use when there has already been a pass line bet, a come bet and a donít pass bet. When you see those occur it is time to go for going for the odds bet. You will see all top level craps players doing this.

Place against the six or the eight:

The house edge here is only 1.52% which in essence means that if you place one hundred dollars you would only be expected to lose around $1.52. It is of course not guaranteed but statistics suggest it is a smart bet. In essence you will bet that a seven will come up before a six or an eight. Seven is the most likely number to come up so while this is a gamble it is often one that can pay off big and see you well rewarded. If you are feeling bold this is where to go.

Stay Calm:

This might sound like a super simple tip and one that is almost self-evident. However it is very important, it is so easy with lots of people round the table chucking chips everywhere, screaming and guzzling down drinks to totally forget where you are and start making silly bets. This is why taking a deep breath and calming down when around the table makes sense and if it's too much you can always walk away and come back when things are more relaxed, if you stay in control you will absolutely do better.

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