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Which are the two best casino games to play on the move


Online and mobile casino games are utterly amazing. Being able to carry more games than Las Vegas could ever offer in your pocket is something that continues to astound me. There are so many great options out there for casino games that it seems almost overwhelming to consider just the breadth of different operators all vying for space on your phone.

This has led to great innovation within the field with hundreds of different ways to play what is ostensibly the same game. Each operator has different ways of playing the same game, playing poker on one app is different from the other. You can even play bar games like dominoes and darts on your phone now. The range ensures that you do not have to go to a million different places to play games or gamble.

Its just incredible how many different ways to pass the time there are on the same thing you check your emails on. There are different apps in different countries but Canadian online casino gaming sites continue to set the standard. If you are looking for the best online gaming sites than make sure to check out Canadian ones first as they are usually the most reliable and exciting. But what to play when you do find the right sight for you? Here are two of the best casino games to play when you are on the go.


An oldie but a goodie, there are hundreds of reasons why slots are the best mobile casino game but the main one is their simplicity. Playing a slots session can be as long or as short as you want, you donít have to play for hours and hours to get a reward but you can if you want. Slots are really for everyone and played by a range of people because it doesnít long to understand how they work and they provide instant gratification and enjoyment. From an online perspective, the range of genre and different types of slots games is brilliant ensuring that you will never get bored and will always have a new and exciting game to play. Some sites have over seven hundred different games with many tying in with celebrities, TV shows and even sports teams giving you a huge amount of choice for how you play.

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Keno is similar to Bingo but more modern and even quicker to play. It is simple, addictive and very fun as well as giving you a good chance to win. It has a pretty low house edge in many cases with the average being under 4% making sure that you arenít being taken for a ride while you play. You simply pick a number and hope it comes out when twenty are drawn, the fact twenty come out from eighty gives you a real opportunity to win and there is a great deal of online info about the best numbers to pick to help you out and ensure you have a great chance of winning. 









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