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A solitaire game for one player, played with a Double-Six, Double-Nine, or Double-Twelve domino set.  This game requires both luck and some skill to complete.  Having one or two tiles left in the layout at the end of a game is considered a very good result.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, and then the player draws seven tiles and places them face-up in a horizontal row in front of himself to form the layout.  The player may then remove any two tiles with the same suit value marked on either of their ends and that are separated by either one or two tiles in the layout.  The player may also remove any three tiles in an adjacent row that have the same suit value on either of their ends.  When there is more than one possible set of tiles that can be removed, the player may choose which to remove.

Once tiles have been removed, the player moves (or "squeezes") all the tiles in the row closer together and closes the space(s) left in the layout.  Play continues as before until no further matching tiles can be removed, at which point the player draws 7 more tiles and places them on the right-hand side of the horizontal row layout.  Play continues in this way until all the tiles have been drawn and removed, and the game is won, or until no further tiles may be removed, and the game is lost.



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