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Polka Dot

Also known as Twelves.  A very simple solitaire game for one player, which is usually played with a Double-Six domino set, but may also be played with any Western domino set from Double-Sixes up to Double-Eighteens.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, to form the boneyard and then 6 tiles are drawn which are set face-up in a layout of a single horizontal line of tiles.  Any pair of tiles that totals 12 may then be removed, set aside out of play, and then replaced by drawing 2 more tiles from the shuffled boneyard and turning them face-up.

Play continues until no pairs of 12 may be removed, or all the tiles are removed and the game is won.


The game may be made easier or harder by either increasing or decreasing the number of face-up tiles in the layout.  You could try playing with 4 or 5 face-up tiles to make the game harder, or 7 tiles to make the game easier.

When playing with a larger Western domino-set, the total of the pairs removed should be the total of the highest double in the set: 18 for Double-Nines; 24 for Double-Twelves; 30 for Double-Fifteens; 36 for Double-Eighteens.


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