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This isn't a game in its own right, but a variation on the rules for the card-type domino games Texas 42, Seventy-Nine, Eighty, and Eighty-Eight. In these games players bid on the number of tricks they can win in a round, and Plunge is an alternative to the normal bidding rules.


Plunge allows a player to make a bid to win all seven tricks that can only be made when a player holds at least 4 doubles.  The other players may ask to see the 4 doubles before the winning bidder's partner starts the first trick.  The winning bidder's partner chooses trumps and plays the lead tile.  A Plunge is played for at least 4 Marks (168 points).

This is the only opening bid over two Marks allowed in a game.  Players may out-bid 4 Marks with 5 Marks, then 6 Marks, and so on.

If Plunge is bid, the player is gambling that he holds the double to the trump suit and offs that his partner is going to declare. Plunge is a huge risk for a bidder to take. If the bidder is lucky, he and his partner match most of their doubles and offs suits, if not, they make a huge loss.



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