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A solitaire game for one player, which is played with a Double-Six domino set, and is a domino version of the playing-card game of the same name.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, and then seven columns of tiles are laid-out, with one tile in the first column, two in the second, three in the third, and so on.  All the tiles should be facedown except for the bottom tile in each column which should be turned face-up.

The player then places any face-up tiles, so they are connecting with matching ends, to any of the other face-up tiles, and turning any facedown tile, above it in the column, face-up, as they go.  Should the last tile in a column be moved leaving an "empty" space then a player may fill it with any face-up tile including any connecting following sequence of tiles.  The object of the game is to have all the tiles turned face-up and in sequence.

Note, that when turning a facedown tile up, you have to be consistent in keeping the orientation of the tiles the same throughout the game, and when moving any face-up tile(s) you have to keep the same vertical orientation and not turn any tiles around, so the top suit becomes the bottom suit.



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