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Also known as Nello, Nillo, No Trick, Low Boy, or Low in parts of Texas. This isn't a game in its own right, but a variation on the rules for the card-type domino games Texas 42, Seventy-Nine, Eighty, and Eighty-Eight. In these games players bid on the number of tricks they can win in a round, and Nel-O is an alternative to the normal bidding rules.


A player may announce "Nel-O" during bidding, which is a contract for the bidder to lose every trick.  The player believes that the have a hand so low that their opponents will be unable to force him to take a trick. In this event the bidder's partner(s) turn all their tiles facedown and take no further part in play of this round.  The winning bidder who called "Nel-O" leads the first tile in the first trick which is played with no trumps.

Doubles count as a separate suit ranking from double-6 (the highest) to double-blank.  If a lead player plays a double then the other players must play doubles if possible.  A lead of a non-double means subsequent players must play a tile bearing the lead tile's highest suit if possible.

Nello is sometimes played with the option for the winning bidder to decide whether doubles form a separate suit or whether doubles count as the highest ranked tile in their marked suit.  Another option allowed for the winning bidder is to declare that doubles rank as the lowest tiles in their suit.  Winning bidders who announce "Nello" must state whether doubles form a separate suit, rank high in suit, or low in suit.



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