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A very simple solitaire game for one player, which is played with a Double-Six domino set, and requires both luck and some skill to complete.  Study the exposed tiles and you'll steadily learn that some moves are better than others.


The dominoes are shuffled and then 5 columns of 5 horizontal facedown tiles are laid out.  The remaining 3 tiles are turned face-up and set to one side.  The player now turns all the tiles in the 5x5 layout face-up.

The player removes any pair of tiles on the bottom row of any of the 5 columns, that total 12.  Two adjacent tiles on the bottom two rows of a column may not be removed at the same time.  The 3 dominoes set aside may be used to make a match of 12 with any of the layout tiles at any point during play whenever the player wishes.  Should all five tiles in a column be removed, then the player may move any tile at the bottom of a column to fill the space.

Play continues until no pairs of 12 may be removed from play, or all the tiles are removed and the game is won.



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