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Castle Rock

A very simple solitaire game for one player, played with a Double-Six domino set. This game is one of a number of domino solitaire games invented by Fredrick Berndt, who wrote The Domino Book published by Bantam Books. It bears many similarities to a playing-card solitaire game called Accordion.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, and then three tiles are drawn which are set face-up in a layout of a single horizontal line of tiles.  The remaining tiles make up the boneyard and are drawn upon by the player during the course of play.

The 1-4 is between the 2-5 and 5-6 so can be removed

The player then removes a centre tile if the two tiles either side bear the same spotted suit value on either end. If they do, the remaining tiles are moved together and another tile is drawn from the boneyard and placed on the right of the layout. If they don't, another tile is still drawn from the boneyard and set on the right of the layout.  Again, the player may then remove a tile that is directly between two tiles bearing the same suit on either end.  Play continues, drawing tiles and placing them on the right-hand side of the layout, and removing tiles between two dominoes bearing the same suit on either end, until either all the dominoes are drawn from the boneyard or until all the tiles are eliminated from play and the game is won.  Should three tiles in a row all bear the same suit on either end, then the player has the choice of removing all three or just the middle one.



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