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A solitaire game for one player, played with a Western Double-Six domino set.


The dominoes are shuffled, facedown, and then laid out facedown in a line of seven stacks-of-four tiles.  The top tile in each stack is now turned face-up.  The player then may move any face-up domino to any other face-up tile which bears the same suit on either one of its ends.  Any facedown tile which has become the top tile in a stack is turned face-up   No more than five tiles should be in a stack at any time. Should the bottom tile in a stack be moved leaving an empty space, it may only be "filled" by placing a double there.

Play continues as described until all the tiles are face-up in stacks-of-four with one of the seven doubles at the bottom and with the remaining three stacked tiles bearing the same suit on either end, when the game is won, or until no available moves may be made.


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