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Interesting facts about Cuban dominoes

Dominoes has a long history and is played around the world. This game is hugely popular in countries like Cuba and Jamaica, but people in certain parts of the USA and UK also share a great enthusiasm for it.

In British pubs, people can be found sipping beer and enjoying dominoes for hours around a table. In the past, British Kings and Queens are said to have introduced fines in order to control these pub games, yet its popularity didn’t diminish in the UK. There are many variations of this game in Britain, but all use a standard set of Western double-six dominoes with 28 tiles in total. Normally four players play this game in groups of two, with all getting 5 tiles each.

Besides being played in pubs, online dominoes is also increasing the popularity of this game in the UK. The internet has provided the opportunity for people to play dominoes with anyone in the world, and the added attraction is the betting money players can win if they are good. There are many websites which allow people to bet on playing dominoes for real money, though these sites are limited in number. Fan Duel, DraftKings and Bet365 are some of the bookmakers who offer betting on dominoes.

Avail the amazing offers from the best betting sites UK and you can also enjoy playing dominoes for real money. Bet365 is one of the most trusted and forward-thinking betting sites, while Paddy Power is famous for delivering amazing betting offers and concessions. William Hill and 888Sport are also very famous names who give lucrative bonuses to their new online customers. 

Part of Cuban Culture

Although a Chinese invention, dominoes game has been a part of Cuban culture for generations. You can find the influences of dominoes on many popular Cuban expressions. For example, there is the phrase viro con fichas which means ‘turned with the tiles.’ In Cuba, this popular phrase is used when someone does something suddenly or says something completely unexpected.


It is mostly an informal gathering where people engage in friendly chit-chat with each other. While playing this game, friends discuss political issues and the latest gossips in their area. It is also a great way of socializing with new people, for it provides a very friendly setting where conversation flows very easily.

Popular among all age groups

For some people, dominoes is a necessary part of their day and they find it very difficult to leave this game even after playing for hours. Older men take dominoes game very seriously, but it is just as popular among Cuban women and children. Many women play it with their friends, family, and neighbors, etc., and want their children to learn it too. It is because they believe that it gives them agility and skills with math. In the evening, you could find entire families gathered around a table and enjoying this game.

Players can get rowdy sometimes

Sometimes, it can get very loud and boisterous when people get into arguments with each other. You will find these people in a sour mood, throwing down their tiles with a loud ‘clack.’ These people become so engaged in the game that they can’t help themselves when something goes against them.


The ongoing domino games will often be surrounded by non-participants who don’t hesitate to give free opinions about it. They can be good analysts of the game because they can see everyone’s tiles around the table.

Various forms of dominoes

Usually, Cubans play dominoes with 4 players in pairs of 2, but beyond this, you will find fewer similarities as there are various forms of this game in the country. You will find a more basic version of domino played in the Oriente, which is played with 28 pieces, from 0-0 to 6-6, and requires a team to reach 20 points for winning. While in Habana, Cubans play with 55 pieces, from 0-0 to 9-9, and a team wins on reaching the 100 points mark.




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