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Can You Make A Profit Playing Dominoes Online?


For many, when they think about online casino games, the old classics present themselves as staples: poker, roulette, slots, et cetera. Few immediately think of dominoes, and yet itís still one of the most enduringly popular casino games on online platforms. Many people play dominoes simply for fun, without any real money changing hands. Others like to raise the stakes a little and involve the potential to win some real cash. The good news is that itís perfectly possible to make a profit playing dominoes online, just as it is with any other casino game. All you need is dedication, a worthwhile strategy, and a little luck. Here are some of the considerations you need to make if you want to make a profit playing dominoes.


Pick the right casino

Thanks to an overabundance of online casinos, there are literally hundreds upon thousands of platforms to choose from, each with its own character and range of games. With that in mind, picking the right platform - as well as the right gaming brand - is of paramount importance for making a profit. You need to make sure the casino games youíre playing are favourable to your overall outlook and that theyíre reputable and renowned for consistently paying out. If your strategy favours Microgaming as a brand, for example, then you need to make sure the places youíre playing offer that brand. We recommend you check out this Microgaming casinos in Australia guide for further information.


Get to know the game

Unlike some other casino games, dominoes doesnít have myriad rules to learn and remember. Games are over reasonably quickly and they donít require you to memorise an entire compendium to play. That being the case, itís still important to know the rules of dominoes - including any particular variants you favour - inside and out. After all, if you arenít completely au fait with the rules, you wonít know which plays to make intuitively to win money. You can coast on a rudimentary understanding of the game, but youíll never be able to turn a profit; you might be able to simply make your money back, but to become successful, you must be knowledgeable. Patience is a virtue in this regard; dominoes expertise wonít come to you overnight.


Play for free first

With all games, the key to improvement is practice. Playing for real money while youíre still learning the game isnít a good idea because mistakes will have a real cost. Instead, try finding some sites that offer the same experience as online casino dominoes but without the real money stakes. Try to find as many variations on the classic domino game as you can; that way, youíll be well-prepared, and youíll be able to discover which of the variants youíre most skilled at. A crucial part of developing a strategy in any online casino game is a thorough understanding of weaknesses and strengths, and you wonít be able to learn those things about yourself if you donít play extensively before trying to win real money.


Set a bankroll limit

Gambling with unlimited funds is very dangerous. Itís a good idea to set a bankroll early on so that you know what your limits are. An upper limit on individual bets is also a good idea; you can minimise losing streaks that way, and maximise your profits when youíre winning. All you need to do is decide on an amount beyond which you wonít stray when youíre betting, and thatís your bankroll value. If you need to, you can recruit friends and family to help you stay within your limits; the ďjust one more play, itíll be fineĒ mentality can be intoxicating, but itís harmful to your profit potential. The most important thing about making a profit at dominoes is minimising losses, and you can do that if you set a sensible bankroll limit and stick to it.


Develop a strategy 

As we said earlier, developing a concrete strategy and sticking to it is one of the most reliable methods of making a profit in online casino gambling. Although certain famous strategies, such as Martingale, are overrated in the online casino world, developing a strategy of your own does have benefits. Itís all about making sure the overall victory curve is in your favour. Youíre always going to have individual losses and wins, but the trend is more important than each instance. Your strategy should be individually tailored for you; it should focus on your strengths and try to compensate for your weaknesses as best it can. No strategy is perfect; if it was, then it would be the de facto strategy used by all gamblers. We canít tell you what your strategy should be; itíll come via observation and analysis. Speaking of whichÖ


Analyse your play 

After every single game, take a step back and ask yourself how it went. What could you have done better? Were there any plays that, in hindsight, were the wrong decision to make? Thatís how youíll form the cornerstone of your strategy: by understanding how your playstyle works and adapting it to maximise victory. To do this, you will need to record each game you play to the fullest extent possible. It may not be viable to physically record games, so try to write down what youíre doing at each play. Then, once the game is over, read your notes and identify which plays lost you money. Those plays are the ones that need to be honed in order to build a strategy thatís profitable.






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