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Should you try domino poker

The concept of dominos, while seemingly uncomplicated, does not lack creativity. In fact, there are variety of ways in which you can have a lot of fun with the plain old tiles. I am certain that the great majority of those have already been covered on our page, and we are constantly making sure to bring you up to date with all the exciting news, not only in terms of domino games, but other things as well. Just like all kinds of amazing domino based artwork people come up with, that combines the beauty of mathematics and architectural design. Domino poker, obviously derived from original card game, is one of those things, perhaps not exactly the first one that comes to mind when thinking about dominos applicability.

Unlike the classic poker, domino version does not have much representation online. It could be hard to find a way to play this for real money (no shortage of regular domino sites out there, though), at least outside of Asia. Therefore, perhaps transition from dominos to the card version could be the best choice. American players should keep their eyes peeled for us friendly poker sites, considering the evolving legislation processes. The other way around – going from cards to dominos – could be a little trickier. The main reason for that, and for the relatively small domino poker popularity, is the fact that it is actually a weaker version of this classic card game.

The names of the hands are adapted from their card counterparts but they differ in ranking and do not hold the same values. You got your four of a kinds, full houses and flushes but they may mean something else entirely. For example, full house is beaten by straight fives and sixes (not fours), and otherwise strong flush, is only third worse outcome here. There is quite a few more complications that can pose serious difficulties and can be a little overwhelming for someone used to the standard poker settings. Unlearning those automatism may not be so easy.

For the purpose of the game, the [1-1] tile and all the blanks are removed from the play, which leaves them at number 20. With exactly 1,860,480 possible hand combinations and only five doubles in the set, the real strong hands are very hard to come by. Also, all the straights are ranked differently (sixes better than fives), but the probability is the same. There are more limitations, most notably about certain hands precluding anyone else from getting similar ones. That reason alone makes the optimal strategy evolving around paying close attention to the hands folded by the opponents (AKA “dominos counting”), as they have to reveal them. The exciting part that all this contributes to, is significant involvement of the bluffing factor which in this case plays a huge part. Players would often bet on confidence and force opponents to fold. As fun as it is, it can surely be a double-edge sword.

So, if you ever find yourself in the mood for some domino poker, perhaps on those Chinese sites, there are quite a few notes to remember and issues to take under consideration. Other than that, the game can bring some satisfaction, and you could have quite a good time playing.









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