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An Insight into the Various Health Benefits of Playing Dominos

If you have never played dominos before then youíll be glad to know that it comes with its fair share of benefits. You would be surprised at how much it could enhance our cognitive ability and it can also help you to focus for longer periods of time too. If you are new to the game, then here are a few more reasons why you should think about giving it a go.

Dominos is a simple game that comes from China and is now popular all over the world. The name domino comes from a Latin phrase meaning master of the house, or dominus. A lot of people wonder why dominos is such a great game and the answer is very simple- because you can play it in under 30 minutes and you also only need 2 players. Dominos, over time has become so much more than a leisurely activity. People are now using it to expand their thinking ability and other people make money from it. It doesnít matter why you play it or how long you play it for because itís an exciting game with plenty of potential.

Arithmetic Skills

When you play a game of dominos, you will be forced to think strategically. You will need to sum up to multiples of five and you will also need to focus on addition too. The more you play, the more you will become accustomed to quick math and the faster you will be able to get through a game. Itís this type of thinking that improves your problem-solving skills too.

Critical Thinking

In a game of dominos, the game ends when all of a playerís tiles are put on the train. If you want to win at dominos then you will need to think critically and you also need to try and focus on being one move ahead as much as possible. This is very similar to other games, such as Mahjong. When you play a Mahjong game you will need to match the tiles in accordance to their availability. If a tile is underneath another then you wonít be able to play it. Consequently, if you do manage to find a matching tile then they are removed from the board. This will often open up new playing strategies and it will also continually cause you to adapt the way that you play depending on what is left on the board. The same concept can be applied to dominos because you need to work with what is on the board but at the same time, you also need to make sure that you are continually one step ahead of the game. This does require some practice but all in all, it can work wonders for your critical thinking skill.


As mentioned above, when you play dominos itís so important that you are able to adopt a strategy. If you are losing by five points and you are trapped in the game, you need to come up with a way to not only turn the odds in your favour, but to also overcome the point deficit. Sure, this is easier said than done and at times it may seem impossible, but if you stick at it and if you continually try and stay on the ball then there is no reason why you canít come out on top of this.

Controlling your Blood Pressure

When you play dominos, you will soon find that your brain releases a large amount of endorphins. This can cause your blood pressure to significantly reduce. If this is something that you struggle with then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldnít try and play this game as a hobby because it can help you to boost your overall health and it can also be a fantastic way for you to reconnect with your family or even your friends.

Your Immune System

One of the biggest benefits of playing dominos is that it can really help you to boost your immune system. When you play games that give you a positive feeling, you will be able to improve your health and you will also improve your brain function too. This can help you to ward off any diseases and it can also give you the chance of living a fuller and healthier life.

Social Skills

Dominos cannot be played unless there are two players involved. The game does have a very high level of interaction and it can also improve your social skills too. If you have never played before then it is well worth you giving it a go because the benefits are endless and you would be surprised at how much it could help you to curb any feelings of loneliness or stress.

Reducing Stress

When you play dominos, or even any other board game for that matter, you need to focus on winning. This will help you to reduce the feeling of stress because it will boost your endorphins. Playing dominos will also act as a huge stress reliever because it distracts the brain in a peaceful and calming way. The best thing about dominos is that it can be played in as little as 20 minutes!


As mentioned above, dominos is a great game if you want to boost your cognitive brain function. The game trains the brain to have a better memory and this alone means that it is a great game for you to play with the elderly. It brings the family together and even young children can be taught to play it as well. If you have never played before then there are plenty of strategies online for you to look up and sometimes you can even learn how to play different versions of the game too. Dominos are very cheap to buy and when you do have a set of your own, they will last for years so you never have to worry about your set wearing out or even replacing it over time.





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