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Domino,Dice and Deck Variations

Unusual Variations of Your Favourite Domino, Dice & Deck Games

There's a lot of crossover between us dominoes, dice and card lovers, though plenty of us stick to one game or the other. If you're looking to switch up your normal game of choice, or looking for a lesser-known version of your favourite game to play, then we've got some suggestions for you to try. Dominoes, dice, and deck of cards at the ready, here are some games that might just be being added to your list of favourites.

Pai Gow Poker

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Pai Gow is an ancient Chinese game, it kind of sounds like it might be. However, Pai Gow was invented in the 1980s, in America, by a casino owner called Sam. It's about as American as it gets. The name though, is also used for a domino game and it loosely translates as double hand. Sam borrowed the name from the domino game and it makes sense why, Pai Gow poker is played with two different hands of cards, one with five cards and one with two cards. The aim of the game is for both of your hands of cards to beat both of the dealer's hands of cards, if you do it then you win, if neither beat the dealer then you lose, if only one does, then you push. As you can imagine, there's a lot of pushing involved in Pai Gow Poker.

The game begins with everyone placing their bets, these stand for as long as the hand lasts, which could be quite a while depending on pushes. The dealer then deals out the cards, seven each, to seven places around the table, including himself, discarding the remaining 4 cards (there's an added Joker to make 53). Once everyone has received their cards, it is time to organise them into two separate and hopefully winning hands. The rankings work exactly as they do in poker, but with the joker that can be used to complete a straight, complete a flush, or used as an ace.


Insert Image Here >Image< Caption: Craps is one of the most popular casino games

Craps is perhaps not one of the most unusual dice games, but it's certainly the casino game that gives you the best odds of winning. The other good news is that it's a really simple game to pick up and it's possible to play craps for free online too. Vegas Slots Online has compiled a list of sites that offer craps to play online, both for free and for real money, depending on the mood that you're in. Each of the sites has been verified for safety and security and given a score out of five, so that you can quickly scroll through and find the craps experience that suits you the best. Before you start playing though, it would be wise to learn the rules first.

A game of craps always begins with a pass line bet, once everybody is finished the first shooter rolls. If the roll totals a 7, or 11 then all pass bettors win, a 2, 3, or 12 and everybody loses. The latter numbers are known as craps, the former known as natural rolls. If anything other than these numbers is rolled then that number becomes the point and the shooter rolls again. Once there's a point, there are lots of other bets that become available. There are more than 40 different bets that you can place during a game of craps and listing them all here would be ridiculous. The best way is to learn through practice and by watching others play. It's an easy game to pick up the basics, but to really master it takes a good deal of practice.

Dice and Dominoes

Dice and Dominoes is a relatively new game, that was invented simply because a modern game that combined the two didn't really exist. You'll find a comprehensive guide to dice and dominoes here which explains the rules in brilliant detail. This game is a little more complex than the ones before, so you may need to read through the rules a couple of times before you begin to understand. Casting away multiple tiles at a time isn't as common in Western games, but in Asian games, it is seen much more frequently. When you're feeling ready to get started, the game is played with a set of double-six dominoes, a pair of dice and some chips if you want to bet. It's a bit fiddly to get going, but after a couple of practice rounds it might well become a new favourite.




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